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Public Relations Officer

Burke County Public Schools

The folks at School & Family Magazine, especially our Production Manager Kari Wenner, are great to work with as they painlessly guide us through the production of each edition. They make it easy to share with our community all of the wonderful things going on in our schools. Having a schedule and the deadlines so far in advance make it easy to plan each edition, and by simply adding Kari to our media contact list for news releases, she gets our news as it happens and is able to stockpile stories and photos.

Director of Marketing & Relations

Mansfield Independent School District

People across the district are buzzing about how awesome the digital flip book is. I spoke with one individual who said they usually ONLY prefer to read printed magazines, but when they looked through the flip book they were just amazed at how user-friendly it is. Two thumbs up!

AISD Board of Trustees

Arlington Independent School District

Arlington ISD has adopted a strategic plan with a commitment to a clear and focused vision that will guide the district to the highest possible performance. One of our key beliefs is to maximize engagement throughout our area and to engage community partners. School and Family Magazine helps us accomplish this key initiative. We are engaging the community like never before.

School & Family Magazine is the first resource that gets positive communication into the communities throughout the school year.

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