Connecting businesses with schools and families at the local level

Corporations have long realized the power of the school environment to promote their brand and products. Although this has historically not been allowed by most school districts, School & Family Magazine is your go-to source to achieve this objective. Our premium magazine is the only one distributed to the school district families and staff members. School districts are now allowing select corporations access to the families through our first class magazine. The perfect tool to promote your product or business to the families in local school districts.

Market Overview

Consumers rely heavily on recommendations from family and friends to share needed products and services. School & Family Magazine is your go-to source to communicate directly with families.

The Social Influence

School-­age children create more awareness than any other age group. School & Family Magazine reaches school-­age children and their families to create the needed awareness that you want for your business. Let us help you harness the power of the "social communication."

The number of children in public schools is 50.1 million

Family purchasing influence of children under 18 each year is $500 billion

School & Family Magazine is distributed across the district in digital versions and printed hard copies.

1,363 Schools - 9 States

School & Family Magazine connects businesses with families across 1,363 schools in 9 states.

28 School Districts

School & Family Magazine has partnerships with over 28 school districts across the country.


School & Family Magazine has a total national reach of 1,091,000 families and school staff members.

Your support makes an immediate impact on your local school district

Your Dollars Support a Cause

Your business will make an immediate impact with your local school district. Your support of School & Family Magazine makes it possible for the school district to communicate their vision and message to thousands of families.

A Win-Win Partnership

Imagine getting your product or services in front of all your local school district families through a trusted source. Your business connects directly with your target market and school districts get FREE positive PR. Studies show that people are more likely to buy from a school district supporter. You support the schools. Families support you.

Branding in the School Environment

The most powerful brand resource is promoting your products and services in a school environment. Advertising through School & Family Magazine provides you a captive family audience, from an approved trusted source.

Make a difference in education

Why School & Family Magazine is a valuable resource for your business

High Impact & Save

School & Family Magazine is much less expensive than typical advertising. We are in many cases, half the cost of other magazines and reach more people.

High Read Rates

School & Family Magazine has an extremely high read rate through the parent/teacher audience we have captured. Everyone wants to see their kids and class in a magazine.

Choice Selection

We reach out to only a few businesses for advertising opportunities in each category ensuring your ad will not be diluted by competition.

Approved Association

School & Family Magazine associates your business with the school district. This service is priceless according to all marketing research.


Each school district distributes their own printed and digital magazine through their own channels adding credibility from a trusted source.

Digital Magazine

All School & Family Magazines include an interactive digital version that can include web links and videos.

Advertising Sizes Available

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Full Page No Bleed

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Half Page No Bleed

7.75w x 5h

Quarter Page No Bleed

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