About Us

Our mission is to keep the community informed on all of the amazing things happening within the school district.

Allowing school districts to engage the community at the local level

In April of 2012, Jeff and Amy Levy started a fundraising business called Primo Fundraising to help schools raise much needed funds. It was a business that started from the heart. At a school district seminar one day, the question was asked “What is it that school districts need?” The consensus was that districts needed positive PR engaging the community but lacked the budget and manpower to accomplish that. Soon after EF Pages was launched. After spending time perfecting the system, we created free school district magazines using our professional resources of artists, content managers and salespeople to help shine a light on their district.

We proudly serve districts across the country from California to North Carolina

Each team member at EF Pages loves what they do and always strive to achieve what is in the best interest of the district which is creating a high quality magazine that they can be proud of!

Meet the School & Family Magazine team dedicated to a successful partnership

Jeff Levy


I love to travel and Hawaii is my favorite place on earth.  My biggest passion is my family. I have been married 22 years and have 3 kids and a granddaughter.

Amy Levy

Owner/Production Art Director

Wife. Grandmother. USMC MoM. Razorback mom. Show Choir mom. Dallas Cowboys fan. Yoga pant and ponytail aficionado.

Christine Grudecki

Director of Business Development

I'm a wife and mom, lover of both science fiction and science fact by design. Watching from sidelines is not in my nature, I have a need to be in the game. I am the creator of my own destiny. Here comes Christine version 2.0.

Kari Wenner

Production Manager

Kari is grateful for the busyness in her life and blessed to be a wife and mom of two high-spirited kids. Believes in all things chocolate and lives for warm weather.

Yvonne Dodson

Production Manager

Yvonne's back ground is in advertising and marketing. Her biggest passion is her family and going to the beach. She loves all 6 of her wonderful children plus her amazing husband, the 2 dogs and the pet frog named splashy.

Abygail Bowden

Sales Director

Abygail is the youngest in a large family. She is fun and competitive. Her favorite color is blue because it's the color of the Dallas Cowboys and First Place Ribbons.

Chris Story

Sales Director

Chris enjoys spending time with his family and runs a small zoo with 4 dogs and 3 cats.

Stephanie Worsham

Executive/Sales Assistant

Mom of 1 almost teen boy (help!), loves cooking, baking and eating. Grew up in Grand Prairie and lives in Arlington. Go Rangers. Go Cowboys. Loves Mexican food. Enough said.

School & Family Magazine is the first resource that gets positive communication into the communities throughout the school year.